Image Consulting for Women

350,00€ IVA inc.

Imagen Consulting

We observe your body structure and reveal all the secrets to enhance your silhouette. We analyze the colors that best suit you based on your skin tone, hair color and eyes. Our mission is to bring out the best in you. This study includes:

  • Color Study
  • Morphology Study
  • Your Personal style
  • Accessories
  • Visagism study(face shape, make up and hairstyle)

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At EDH Personal Shopper we offer you a totally personalized image consultancy so that when you go shopping you can get the most out of it. We provide our clients with the keys to improve their image, the garments that enhance their silhouette and those that they should avoid to always feel perfect. For this, we meet you in our office and through a personal questionnaire we identify the needs and objectives. Once this is done, we identify the colors that best suit the image, those that most favor and illuminate the face and how they should be combined.

You can also find among our services a personalized shopping route and our advice to have a perfect wardrobe.

Image Consulting with Personalized Study

We observe your body structure and our personal stylist will reveal all the secrets you need to know to enhance your silhouette, take advantage of your curves, and disguise what you don’t like. We analyze the colors that best suit you based on several personal factors characteristic of you: your skin tone, your hair color, your eye color, etc. Based on this analysis, we define the garments and accessories necessary to meet your needs both in the social and work environment. We also study the face, treating the most important points to maintain its best image.

Our mission and objective is to bring out the best in you so that you always feel beautiful. In addition, we give you of a digital dossier of personal style , color and shapes, totally customized for you.

Duration: 2.5hr spread over two sessions, both sessions are held in our offices. .