Personal styling women

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Morphological study

We look at your body structure and give you all the secrets to enhancing your figure. We analyse the colours that best suit your skin tone and hair and eye colour. Our mission is to bring out the best in you.

Duration: 2 hours

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How does it work?

We meet clients in our office and use a personal survey to identify their needs and goals. Once this is done, we identify the colours that work with their look and best flatter and light up their face. Then we determine how they should be mixed and matched.

We give our clients the keys to improving their image with clothes that enhance their figure, as well as telling them what to avoid so they always feel perfectly dressed.
We pick out the clothes and accessories that meet our clients’ social and workplace needs. We also study their face, addressing the most important features for maintaining their best look.

We provide our clients with a custom dossier describing their personal style, colour palette and silhouettes.

Duration: 2 hours